You are very welcome to visit the exhibition Botanica.

We adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM and can receive you safely.
To ensure a distance of one and a half meters, up to six visitors can visit the gallery at the same time.

There is no official opening to avoid crowds.

The artists will be present on the following days, each on their own day, between 12 and 5 pm:

Daniëlle Frenken – 13 June
Karin Hoogesteger – 20 June
Bo de Jong – 27 June
Tanya Janssen – 28 June

Only on the above ‘meet the artist’ days do we work with a time slot.
Plan your visit now.

1/ select the desired date
2/ select time slot
3/ if you come with two people, click twice on the desired time slot
4/ if you want to stay longer than 20 minutes, then click several time slots
5/ enter a name
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